chalkboard monthly photos {the first year}

i love documenting monthly changes.  the development in the first year is astounding.  these little ones go from blobs that don’t make eye contact to babbling, walking little people with personalities and opinions of their own.  i scoured and scoured pinterest during my pregnancy to try and come up with a fun way to document these changes during garrett’s first year.

1 month

i had painted a dresser mirror a while back and thought it would be the perfect backdrop.  i knew i would have the patience or time or creativity to hand draw on the chalkboard each month.  i brainstormed and realized that i could take the photo of the solid chalkboard and upload the photo into and “write” on the black space.  i think they are turning out super cute and the number one comment is “how did you do that?”  so i thought i would do a little tutorial.


each month i position my little guy in a way that he has spent a lot of the month prior.  the first month, blob of baby.  the second, loved being curled up on his side.  the third, his back.  and the fourth, lifting his head and rolling over.  below is one of the outtakes that makes me laugh.  he was so clearly “done” with the process.  it shows the photo before i play around on picmonkey.


you first upload your photo in the “edit.”  from there you can play with filters, crops, etc.  then there is a Tt link on the left hand side for text.  you can pick many fonts and adjust colors, size, etc.  some of the fonts and filters require a membership to picmonkey but you can still do a lot without it.


i try to include an image that correlates with the month.  december {one month} was christmas.  january {second month} was snowy.  february {third month} was valentines day, so a heart was in order. and march {fourth month} was st. patrick’s day, so i put a little green banner.  below is a screenshot of my work in progress.

Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 10.46.16 AM

and the finished product.  i love that i have a blank slate to remember little things each month like his favorite book or milestones accomplished.  these little memories, while so life encompassing right now, will soon fade and i am thankful i have these photos.  i hope this helps and please let me know if you have any detailed questions! i am thrilled that i have inspired some of your own monthly photos!


4 MONTH.jpg