all about cloth diapering.

cloth diapering.  my number one eye roll, head turn, questions asked mama related topic.  i thought i would start off with the reasons why cloth diapering works for us.


  • these are not the cloth diapers our grandmothers used. no pins required.
  • there are a LOT of chemicals in traditional diapers (did you think that magic gel stuff that absorbs 100 times its weight in urine is natural? no. am i the only person horrified at the claims of 12+ hours of wear for a disposable diaper? would you want to hang out with your soiled underpants for 12+ hours?!)
  • cloth diapers save money, especially if you have more than one child. especially if you have friends that practically GIVE you their used diapers. i have read that each child costs about $2,000 to diaper and can contribute about 600,000 diapers to the landfills. you can get a couple dozen really high quality (even organic) cloth diapers for under $500 and they can last through several children if you take care of them. and if money is really tight, it is even possible to completely cloth diaper from birth to potty training for around $100.
  • cloth diapering can actually be easy! it is overwhelming at first, but you will find your routine.
  • cloth diapers are CUTE! i mean, really, really cute. colors. prints. i just got one with bicycles on it. love.
  • they actually leak much less than disposables. so far, no outfits ruined by baby poop!
  • there are a lot of brands of diapers that can fit baby from birth to potty training, so it saves space too! did i mention money savings? huge.
  • potty training is suppose to be {fingers crossed} easier because the little one can feel wetness, which leads to motivation to potty train.
  • they hold their value, so you can actually sell them when you are done with them.


the nitty gritty. poop.  i don’t get squeamish around my little ones poop.  at this point he is mostly breastfed, about 70% to 30% of formula.  his poop goes directly into the washing machine.  no fuss, no muss.  once he starts solids, then we will put our handy diaper sprayer {easily attached to the toilet} to good use.

our set up:

we have a HUGE assortment of diapers.  this happened because all of our diapers have been given to us or bought at consignment sales.  i was overwhelmed at first because of the variety but now i love it.  i have my favorites and they seem to change depending on little mans growth that week.  we have bumGenius, fuzzibunz, kawaii baby, rumparooz, grovia, and mudpie baby.  the bumGenius are solid, my go to and probably my consistent favorite.  i am loving the kawaii baby right now but a couple weeks ago it was the rumparooz.

my husband likes the velcro best.  i like the snaps.  he does the diaper changes throughout the night {lucky lady here!} so i always make sure to have the bumGenius velcro all in ones clean and ready for him to grab at night.  i like the snaps because when we are up and moving during the day, i think the velcro can something scratch, me more than him, so i tend to favor the snaps.


i have a kitchen size trash can next to my diaper/changing station.  i line it with wet bags/liners.  one day i was in a jam and used an old pillow case.  basically, you take the entire bag and empty it into the washing machine and throw it in there as well.  the trash can has a lid and i wash at least every two days, but mostly i wash once a day so the smell never has bothered us.

to wash: i use a 1/2 cup baking soda in a cold pre-wash cycle. i then use a natural detergent like charlie’s soap to wash on hot. i haven’t had to strip the diapers so when i do, i will post the details.  i then run another cool rinse cycle at the end to make sure all the detergent is out.  our new washing machine has a “my cycle” saved.  so i just have to push “my cycle” when i have a load of diapers and voila.  done.

i run the liners/inserts and cloth wipes through the dryer and hang the covers to extend the life of the elastic.


about the cloth wipes. why not?! again, saves money.  you are already doing a load of diapers. i made my own but you can buy bulk cloth wipes from etsy. my solution is 1 cup distilled water + 1 tablespoon coconut oil + 1 tablespoon dr. bronner’s baby soap. i keep them in the prince lion heart cloth wipe warmer.  once a week i change out the water solution and roll my wipes.  takes 15 mins. tops.

in the diaper bag for on the go changes: i keep a small wet bag for the soiled diapers. a bag with dry cloth wipes and a small spray bottle with my cleaning solution {see above}. i wet the dry wipe and clean the bum.  throw everything in the wet bag and when i get home throw it in the wash.  done.

i was SO overwhelmed before we started cloth diapering.  it seems every one that cloth diapers has a different way of doing it.  you just have to find a way that fits your schedule and lifestyle and you will be off.

did i mention how super cute they are?!