6 months old.

we have a private blog that i am keeping note of photos, moments and stories that each year will turn into a book.

with each monthly photo, i am also writing letters to my little one. below is the letter i wrote for his six month birthday.








happy six months sweet boy.

i know that what lies ahead of you is so great that my heart nearly bursts with anticipation for your future. there is an indescribable wonderness to your spirit. i try daily to put words around it – your daddy and i have had countless conversations on how there is just something about you – inside you – radiating out and all over us. a tangible peace. a soulful joy.

these days, i watch as you are putting together what you know of the world. at night when you are close to sleep, you run your fingertips down the palm of my hands and over the length of my fingers as i turn them over for you again and again. it has become our ritual, the familiar warmth of my body curled around yours, our hands turning over in one another’s, as you ever so slowly fall away to dream.

you are my night owl. my morning bird. wise, wondrous, magical. i could have never imagined how much you could teach me about patience, and perspective and having faith in what lies ahead.

happy six months, my baby.

the biggest love,