weekly menu

i am slowly finding our new normal around here which means, weekly menus! i mean, it isn’t like it has taken me seven months to get used to having my little one … oh wait.


lunch: sandwiches. easy peasy.

dinner: butternut squash shells

baby food prep: roasted beets, sweet potato fries, roasted vegs.


lunch: leftover shells

dinner: veggie loaded polenta bake

tuesday {GAME DAY! GO USA!}

lunch: leftover polenta

dinner: quiche. throw in whatever is in the refrigerator, goat cheese, leftover vegs, spinach. i use this homemade {and super easy} crust.


lunch: leftovers.

dinner: whole roast eggplant parmigiana


lunch: hmmm. i will go with leftovers.

dinner: sweet potato and black bean salad


lunch: yummy whatever is left in the kitchen because it is the end of the week.

dinner: any leftovers. pantry surprise. or fend for yourself family.


lunch: out.

dinner: farmer’s market finds.


food for the babeĀ {because we are primarily feeding him what we are eating, well, he will eat the meals above.}

sweet potato fries + other roasted vegs

plain yogurt

unsweetened applesauce

pea fritters

oatmeal banana muffins

tangerines + bananas + what other fruits on hand

eggs {he LOVES eggs!}