slow cooker freezer meal day {september 2014}

freezer meal cooking is how i provide delicious and healthy meals to my crew every week.  after garrett was born they were our lifesaver.  each morning i would just grab a bag, throw it in the slow cooker and by dinner time it was done.  now that my little one is crawling, getting into everything, and quite possibly the most fun person to hang with, cooking dinners just don’t seem to happen.  there is not a better feeling than when we have all been out during the day and walk into the house to smell dinner already done.

i found and bought this ebook from mama and baby love.  Click here to visit Mama And Baby Love. it was beyond super helpful, especially if you are new to freezer cooking but also her recipes are delicious.  plus, the recipes aren’t solely soup this, stew that, or chili.  don’t get me wrong, all delicious at times, but not every night of the week.  i wanted to find unique slow cooker recipes. the pork carnitas, cumin beans, cilantro chicken, and peach pot roast all came from this ebook. Click here to visit Mama And Baby Love. seriously, these aren’t the only recipes i will trying.  head on over and get these delicious recipes today!


here is what i made during two naps:

chicken gyros

apricot salsa chicken

pork carnitas

cumin beans

cilantro chicken

yummy pork carnitas

peach pot roast

you guys! the pork carnitas are OUT OF THIS WORLD delicious.  even the husband took one bite and said, whoa, this are really good.  the nice thing about the ebook recipes, for our family of three, one freezer bags is multiple meals.  that means at least two dinners and several lunches for me.  i have used the one freezer bag of pork carnitas in taco shells, over rice, over lettuce and plain with a side of corn and black beans.  one bag. multiple meals.  i am a fan.

the peach pot roast is one of my favorites. it is comfort food defined.  serve it with mashed potatoes and a salad, done.



for the cilantro lime chicken, i add corn and black beans.  more vegs the better.

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