in an attempt to get back on the healthy train, i have challenged myself to a smoothie a day.  i love smoothies.  i have a several frozen in my freezer.  they are quick.  they are super healthy.  i have a vitamix, that i love.  {i am kinda obsessed}  no reason or excuse.

since becoming a mama i have struggled with eating well and i know my health has suffered.  i have been sick more this year than any before.  so not only do i want to lose some major poundage, i really want to kick start my immune system.  basically, i want to FEEL healthy again.

here is what i will be drinking this first week.

several smoothies that i made and have left in the freezer.

super immune smoothie.  i made this one this morning and it was SO refreshing.  the pineapple popped and the fresh lemon and orange juice definitely woke me up.  it literally was like sunshine in my glass.


orange creamsicle smoothie.

sunrise metabolism booster. people swear by the health power in apple cider vinegar.  i thought, here is a good way to start.

thin mint smoothie. i mean, what better way to get back into the habit of green smoothies than one that tastes like a thin mint.

do you have a favorite smoothie recipe?  or favorite immunity boosting drink?  if so, share!