{weekly menu}

we are one month in using the produce box. a local company that delivers fresh produce to our door! each friday i go online and pick which box fits our week ahead along with lots of other local goodies like gluten free bread and chocolate peanut butter.  i mean.  yum!

this has forced me to sit down each week and make a weekly menu which has done wonders for my sanity.  yes.  our little boy is 15 months old (!!) and i am just now feeling like i am getting the hang of this “mom” thing.  i know, it will all change next week.

our produce box (from last week) and the week ahead includes:

Greenhouse Strawberries, Ruby Red Grapefruit (2), Honey Tangerines (4), Bear Branch Dried Blackeyed Peas, Red Potatoes, Green Cabbage, Grape Tomatoes, Eggplant, Avocado, Turnips, Bibb Lettuce, Sweet Potatoes, and Winter Braising Mix.

so here is what i am eating this week.


loaded vegetarian sweet potato. these are kinda a staple. we eat a lot of sweet potatoes and black beans.  the kid loves them!

sweet potato black bean quinoa bowl.  these are so easy to assemble because i already have a huge pan of roasted sweet potatoes in the refrigerator each week for the kid.  i will add my winter braised mix and turnips to add some flavorful and colorful greens!

black eyed pea and collard stew. a favorite of ours.  a great way to get the little ones to eat greens!

ratatouille bake. lots of produce box goodies + cheese ravioli. done.

creamy portobello and kale quinoa bake. a dish that covers all the nutritional bases. plus it has cheese? don’t mind if i do.

blt + avocado for the kid and myself. the husband recently found out he is allergic to avocado?! have you ever heard of such a thing?  this coming from the multiple allergy member of the family.

roasted root vegetables bake + meatloaf.


broiled grapefruit. honey + bananas + citrus. yum!


if you decide to try out the produce box be sure to give me a shout out for a referral :)