{weekly menu}

this upcoming week in our produce box we are receiving:

thick sliced hardwood bacon, greenhouse strawberries, valencia oranges (4), sweet white onion, yellow bell pepper, grandma’s biscuits, red potatoes PLUS sweet corn (6 ears), pita bread, 4 more valencia oranges and an easter treat! yum!


here are the meals for the week ahead:

sweet potato black bean quinoa bowls PLUS simple braised greens.  this is one of our favorite meals. it is a nutritional powerhouse and the flavors are great. plus the baby boy LOVES it!

i made this last week and the entire family LOVED it. it was simple, quick and a great way to add leftover vegs that you need to use. really any veg would be great.  we added sugar snap peas and red peppers.  baby boy had a blast crunching into the snap peas with his new teeth!  this will likely be a weekly repeat. easy lo mein. go make it!

we eat a lot of quinoa. true. three meals this week have quinoa as a base. i do switch it up ascetically.  above, red quinoa. below rainbow. this recipe, good ‘ole regular.  i am excited to try this one pan mexican quinoa.  i will add the avocado later to just mine and baby boy since the husband has developed an allergy. weird. i promise to still love him though :)

the hardwood bacon from the produce box is amazing. our favorite meal is the simplest of all. blts. fresh bread, bacon, field fresh tomatoes, bibb lettuce. yum! i will add an oven roasted corn on the cob and some cucumber slices. summer freshness!

i have three zucchini and an eggplant that need attention.  ratatouille sandwiches sound like the perfect fit.

rainbow quinoa, check.  this crunchy cashew thai quinoa is colorful and delicious. i will probably pair with an oven roasted salmon or other fish.  so. good.