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{weekly menu}

this upcoming week in our produce box we are receiving:

thick sliced hardwood bacon, greenhouse strawberries, valencia oranges (4), sweet white onion, yellow bell pepper, grandma’s biscuits, red potatoes PLUS sweet corn (6 ears), pita bread, 4 more valencia oranges and an easter treat! yum!


here are the meals for the week ahead:

sweet potato black bean quinoa bowls PLUS simple braised greens.  this is one of our favorite meals. it is a nutritional powerhouse and the flavors are great. plus the baby boy LOVES it!

i made this last week and the entire family LOVED it. it was simple, quick and a great way to add leftover vegs that you need to use. really any veg would be great.  we added sugar snap peas and red peppers.  baby boy had a blast crunching into the snap peas with his new teeth!  this will likely be a weekly repeat. easy lo mein. go make it!

we eat a lot of quinoa. true. three meals this week have quinoa as a base. i do switch it up ascetically.  above, red quinoa. below rainbow. this recipe, good ‘ole regular.  i am excited to try this one pan mexican quinoa.  i will add the avocado later to just mine and baby boy since the husband has developed an allergy. weird. i promise to still love him though :)

the hardwood bacon from the produce box is amazing. our favorite meal is the simplest of all. blts. fresh bread, bacon, field fresh tomatoes, bibb lettuce. yum! i will add an oven roasted corn on the cob and some cucumber slices. summer freshness!

i have three zucchini and an eggplant that need attention.  ratatouille sandwiches sound like the perfect fit.

rainbow quinoa, check.  this crunchy cashew thai quinoa is colorful and delicious. i will probably pair with an oven roasted salmon or other fish.  so. good.


{weekly menu}

yay! two weeks in a row. i feel like this means i have my life together.  hmm. not quite. but i am keeping on schedule and friday is meal planning.  so here we are.

last week we didn’t eat the black eyed pea and collard stew. it is favorite of ours.  a great way to get the little ones to eat greens!

we also have a couple large sweet potatoes left over so i will repeat the loaded vegetarian sweet potato.  a great meatless monday option.  we love sweet potatoes and black beans so this is an easy meal to pull together.

in our weekly produce box we didn’t get our planned eggplants.  instead delicious cucumbers! so i pushed the ratatouille bake to this week when i can pick up an eggplant at the grocery store.

in honor of saint patrick’s day i have serving up dublin coddle.  if you have never had it, it is comfort food at its finest. after this week, i am taking comfort in this bowl of yummy.

after all the heavy, comfort food we will need to lighten things up.  i am really excited to try this crunchy cashew thai quinoa salad with ginger peanut dressing.  the colors. the flavors. get in my belly.

we have two huge heads of cabbage and after searching cabbage recipes i found this one.  it looks easy.  uses just one pot and once the beef is browned i can just leave it.  that is my kinda recipe these days.  here is what we will be trying this week, one pot cabbage casserole.


that is it guys.  what are you eating this week?

{weekly menu}

we are one month in using the produce box. a local company that delivers fresh produce to our door! each friday i go online and pick which box fits our week ahead along with lots of other local goodies like gluten free bread and chocolate peanut butter.  i mean.  yum!

this has forced me to sit down each week and make a weekly menu which has done wonders for my sanity.  yes.  our little boy is 15 months old (!!) and i am just now feeling like i am getting the hang of this “mom” thing.  i know, it will all change next week.

our produce box (from last week) and the week ahead includes:

Greenhouse Strawberries, Ruby Red Grapefruit (2), Honey Tangerines (4), Bear Branch Dried Blackeyed Peas, Red Potatoes, Green Cabbage, Grape Tomatoes, Eggplant, Avocado, Turnips, Bibb Lettuce, Sweet Potatoes, and Winter Braising Mix.

so here is what i am eating this week.


loaded vegetarian sweet potato. these are kinda a staple. we eat a lot of sweet potatoes and black beans.  the kid loves them!

sweet potato black bean quinoa bowl.  these are so easy to assemble because i already have a huge pan of roasted sweet potatoes in the refrigerator each week for the kid.  i will add my winter braised mix and turnips to add some flavorful and colorful greens!

black eyed pea and collard stew. a favorite of ours.  a great way to get the little ones to eat greens!

ratatouille bake. lots of produce box goodies + cheese ravioli. done.

creamy portobello and kale quinoa bake. a dish that covers all the nutritional bases. plus it has cheese? don’t mind if i do.

blt + avocado for the kid and myself. the husband recently found out he is allergic to avocado?! have you ever heard of such a thing?  this coming from the multiple allergy member of the family.

roasted root vegetables bake + meatloaf.


broiled grapefruit. honey + bananas + citrus. yum!


if you decide to try out the produce box be sure to give me a shout out for a referral :)

weekly menu

i am slowly finding our new normal around here which means, weekly menus! i mean, it isn’t like it has taken me seven months to get used to having my little one … oh wait.


lunch: sandwiches. easy peasy.

dinner: butternut squash shells

baby food prep: roasted beets, sweet potato fries, roasted vegs.


lunch: leftover shells

dinner: veggie loaded polenta bake

tuesday {GAME DAY! GO USA!}

lunch: leftover polenta

dinner: quiche. throw in whatever is in the refrigerator, goat cheese, leftover vegs, spinach. i use this homemade {and super easy} crust.


lunch: leftovers.

dinner: whole roast eggplant parmigiana


lunch: hmmm. i will go with leftovers.

dinner: sweet potato and black bean salad


lunch: yummy whatever is left in the kitchen because it is the end of the week.

dinner: any leftovers. pantry surprise. or fend for yourself family.


lunch: out.

dinner: farmer’s market finds.


food for the babe {because we are primarily feeding him what we are eating, well, he will eat the meals above.}

sweet potato fries + other roasted vegs

plain yogurt

unsweetened applesauce

pea fritters

oatmeal banana muffins

tangerines + bananas + what other fruits on hand

eggs {he LOVES eggs!}


{weekly menu}

in an attempt to get organized, i am hoping to start back to blogging our weekly menu.  i love receiving the feedback from you guys, especially when you share your meals for the week.  sharing is indeed caring. ha!

lately we have been running into the, all we do is buy food but feel like we don’t ever have anything at home to eat problem.  my food aversions, while much better now that we are in the second trimester, are still present.  raw meat and i are not friends.  and anything green.  no, thank you.


dinner:  chicken pot pie.  homemade and gluten free.  i am loosely following this recipe.


breakfast:  bagel with honey nut cream cheese.  i am a little obsessed with the udi’s whole grain gluten free bagels.

lunch: leftover chicken pot pie.

dinner: book club night with my ladies! the husband will be well taken care of with leftover pot pie ;)


breakfast: bagel with honey nut cream cheese.

lunch: leftover chicken pot pie.

dinner:  taco salad night. we have a tradition of watching big brother eating nachos made up of black beans, corn and cheese nachos or basically the same toppings over lettuce.  tonight, lettuce.


breakfast: cereal.  gluten free honey nut chex. + brown cow strawberry yogurt.

lunch:  taco salad leftovers.

dinner:  i have a board meeting so it will be whatever we can throw together individually or together.


breakfast: bagel.

lunch: whatever i have leftovers of.

dinner:  out with one of my favorite people.


breakfast: cereal.

lunch:  blt sandwich + yogurt.

dinner:  baked spaghetti. sub gluten free pasta.


brunch: blueberry pancakes topped with strawberries.

dinner: black bean and corn nachos {big brother night}

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