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doily lace clay bowl {pinterest finds friday}

i have seen this “pin” over and over again.  each time desperately wanting to gather the supplies and try my hand.  this week was finally the week.  here is the original “pin” … not in english but i got enough of the gist from the photograph.

click for source.

i started with the original sculpey {ordered from amazon}.  after softening the clay by working it in my hands, i rolled it out to about 1/4″ thickness.  then applied the doily with the rolling pin.

i then found a small bowl to place on top and cut a perfect circle from the clay.

then using an oven safe larger bowl, i placed my circle inside and softened the edges with my fingers.  i learned this from pottery classes.  sharp edges don’t seem that sharp until baked so it is important to make sure edges are rounded.

following the sculpey instructions, i baked these two for 15 mins at 275 degrees.  then i removed them from the bowl and placed on a drying rack.

i made four bowls but one cracked.  i believe i tried to remove it from the oven bowl too quickly.  next time i will let them sit in the bowl a bit longer to cool, then remove them.  i painted two for fun.  then the third i painted with modge podge to seal it and give it shine.

overall this was a fun little craft.  i have lots more clay so i feel there will be more bowls to be made for gifts.  i would love to find some typography stamps and personalize them.  super fun and inexpensive way to spend an hour crafting.

a smoothie and handmade washcloths {pinterest finds friday}

i am still adjusting to working full days on etsy orders and didn’t even remember my {pinterest finds friday} post until, well, this morning.  so no crafts but instead, a smoothie.  i have followed the undressed skeleton blog for a while now but haven’t really tried many of her recipes.  before the new year, she used a lot of artificial sweeteners and shortcuts to avoid calories.  as her new years resolution, she is trying to avoid the “chemical shit storm” {as i refer to anything that is artificially sweetened or flavored} products.

here is the pinterest inspiration:

click for source.

i made a couple of adjustments to the original recipe.  here is the original and my {adaptations}:

1/2 small banana {frozen}

5 large strawberries {frozen}

1/2 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk {1 cup}

1 packet of Truvia

1 tsp unsweetened cocoa powder

{i added 1 tbsp of chia seeds}

and those beauties next to my morning smoothie, handmade washcloths.  i LOVE handmade gifts.  these were made by my former 8th grade language arts teacher and now good friend.  she gave these to me and i just love them.  i haven’t used them yet.  i just see them and they make me smile.

thank you so much kathy for the thoughtful gifts.  i love them.

pumpkin pie smoothie {pinterest finds friday}

i am still sick.  i am super bummed that i will miss my 5k tomorrow morning.  when sick, i don’t cook.  i am the worst about making sure i am eating and drinking.  i just hibernate.  this morning i felt the urge to make a smoothie.  it is rainy and chilly this morning, very fall-like.  perfect time for a pumpkin pie smoothie.  i am obsessed with any and everything pumpkin.  so this really wasn’t a no brainer.

off to pinterest i went.  i found this inspiring pin.

click for source.

the recipe:

1 cup unsweetened pumpkin puree
1 frozen banana
1/2-1 cup unsweetened milk (dairy, almond, coconut)
2-3 TBSP agave, maple syrup, or honey. i used honey.
1/2 tsp. vanilla extract
1/2 tsp. cinnamon
1/4 tsp. nutmeg
1/8 tsp. ginger
small pinch of ground cloves

the verdict: yum. serious yum.  i used a pretty big frozen banana and my consistency is very “milk shake-like.”

a perfect fall treat.

bedroom closet makeover complete.

when i started the master bedroom renovation i didn’t even think about the closet.  looking back, we spent more time on the closet than we did in the bedroom!  we first thought, hey, let’s clear out clothes that don’t fit.  that was all we were planning on doing and then we realized that our back wall brackets were not even attached to the wall!  by some balancing act that defied physics our clothes had not crashed to the ground.  we quickly regrouped and realized that we needed to install a new system.  starting from scratch was fun, we were able to design a plan that worked best for our needs.  the further along we went, the more we realized that our existing closet was simply horribly installed and designed.

this is the closet we started with.  this is after i had removed much of my clothes and boxes on the top shelves.

we decided on the rubbermaid home free closet system.  it wasn’t crazy expensive and had tons of custom options so we could design for our specific needs.  (i.e. a very tall husband and short wife!)  plus, their website has a great “design your closet online” tool that was super handy.

all in! it is amazing how the same closet that felt entirely too small and there was never enough space suddenly has all this extra room!  a top shelf that has almost nothing on it.  a couple other shelves here and there with nothing.  plenty of space to hang up those clothes, it is like we doubled our space.  i sincerely love my closet now.

instead of my scarves hanging on the back of doors throughout the house, they now have a happy home.  i used a belt rack that pulls out for my necklaces on one side and belts on the other.

we never had space for hangers that were not being used.  it would drive me crazy when doing laundry!  now, we have a bar for shirt hangers and a separate bar for pant hangers.  yay! organization!!

shelving to take advantage of corner space.  before, the back wall was bare and we actually brought in a dresser to store our folded shirts and things.  now, we added shelving on the back wall and are now able to utilize the corners.  husband goods on the top and wifey clothes on the bottom.

one of my favorite attachments is the pull out canvas bin.  inside i put my handbags.  before they were in a basket thrown on the floor, ahhh.  so easy to get to.

i do believe my favorite part is my scarf wall.  it makes me happy.

there was also space for a couple shoe shelves.  we have a separate closet in the bedroom that i had designated our “shoe closet” but it was also poorly organized.  the husbands shoes were piled on the top shelf and mine were stuffed all over the place.  the husband moved all his shoes to the closet, along with my sneakers. every shoe now has a happy home.

and my shoe closet is a breath of organized, fresh air.  now i have room to hang coats that are overwhelming our “coat tree” in our foyer.

it is amazing how “i really hate our bedroom wall color” can have the ripple effect to completely change our space.  we are so thrilled with more organization and, what feels like, more clean and open space.  the master bathroom is up next and will be quite the overhaul.  but we have the motivation and inspiration knowing how much a happy space can impact the rest of our lives.

master bedroom reveal {gray, yellow, and white bliss}

finally, the master bedroom is complete.  it has been a labor of love and we couldn’t be more happy.  i will allow the pictures to do most of the talking :)

our bedroom before.

my amazing craft soul mate came over one day to help get the party started.  the husband was super sick and i was determined to get this project going.  she primed her heart out and got the first coat of grey on the walls.  thank you so much laura!!

i had several finds that needed some spray paint attention.  ikea wall shelves that i bought in white and then changed my mind and wanted to be black. the other items were thrifted finds. a brass lamp base whose shape i just loved, a rust “w” and a candle holder.  see if you can spot my spray painted finds!

walking up the stairs into our bedroom in a whole new experience.  i love the pop of yellow chair from target and the ikea wall mirror.

the wall color for our bedroom is sherwin williams “knitting needles.” after looking at several swatches for a couple of days, i knew knitting needles was the closest that i wanted, but it was a little too dark.  i took my two gallons back to sherwin williams and asked if they could lighten what i had already bought and they were happy to do so.  so technically, this is my own custom version of “knitting needles.”

new dressers from ikea, his and hers if you will.  the husband pulled rank with these.  originally, i wanted the single dresser that is shorter.  the husband, being his tall self, really wanted the taller  but smaller dresser so we compromised and got two. what can i say, ikea was having a furniture sale so we took advantage.

the “love” note left for me yesterday evening after i broke down and took a nap.

my favorite corner in the house.  i found this couch on craigslist for $400.  it was two months old and hardly used.  the retail was $1700.  long story short, the girl selling it just broke up with her fiance and apparently it wasn’t amicable.  she was just trying to get rid of everything that reminded her of him.  they bought it together and she didn’t want it.  score for me!  if you can’t find me, chances are i am here.  snuggled up with a book or my laptop.

our bed does not have a headboard and we didn’t want to use traditional side tables because they would block the windows.  i had an epiphany one day and moved our side tables behind the bed, between the windows, and voila! a place for a reading lamp, phone and alarm clock without blocking the windows.  perfect!

lets talk curtains.  curtains are expensive. i know, i know. i have a sewing business, i should totally just make my own.  here was the problem, i knew i wanted grey and white horizontal bold stripes.  i found lots of expensive curtains.  i couldn’t find any fabric that i loved to make my own.  then i found these.  they are actually shower curtains.  shower curtains are tremendously cheaper than regular curtains, plus they are really wide.  so i ordered two shower curtains, cut them in half to make two panels for each window.  the down side of shower curtains is the length, easy.  i added yellow, our coordinating color, at the bottom to add length.  i saved a tremendous amount of money and the curtain look custom made with our color palette.  i couldn’t be happier.

because they were a little thin, we added black out curtains on the back with a double rod curtain rod.

my VERY brass lamp base that cost $3.47 spray painted a charcoal metallic with a new lamp shade.

my thrifted candle holder spray painted yellow.  i didn’t want the room to be too feminine, so i found this “gear” photo frame that i thought would be perfect to bring in some masculine feel for my car loving husband.

tomorrow i will post our closet redo as well as the paint colors.

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