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pottery barn slipcover sectional for the win.

our pregnancy has taken its first victim.  our beautiful leather couches that were our christmas present to each other.  the smell of the leather was just too much for this pregnant lady.  i mean i went back and forth a thousand times but the final decision came when i broke down crying one day after lunch because i didn’t want to go back home.  my home.  i didn’t want to go.  it made me miserable.  the couches had to go.

the husband surprised me with his interest in getting a replacement couch.  it took me four years to get him to break down for the leather ones.  i wasn’t going to push.  we did decide that since leather was no longer an option, slip covers would be ideal.  when out one day we walked into pottery barn and the husband fell in love with the small sectional.  i saw the opportunity to mention that the couches are actually for sale, not just sitting.  we left with measurements and a couple days later placed our order.

conveniently, he decided to take advantage of our living room with basically no furniture and to start/finish the hardwood flooring.  below is the laminate flooring.

our helper, martha stewart.  during this process we lost sam and she was VERY attached to us and vice versa.  my girl is typically the one wanting to be outside 24 hours a day.  after sam, she would go outside to do her business and immediately come to the back door and bark to come inside.  she is slowly starting to spend more time outside but is much more by my side than before.  i don’t mind the change at all.  i think it has helped us both grieve and find a new normal.

new bamboo flooring complete.  it is crazy what a difference real wood makes.  as each room is completed, i just get more and more excited about the finished look.

martha loving her new floors.

our new couch was delivered and we really do love it.  we alternate who gets the corner each night.  the cushions are wide enough for perfect snuggling.

we also finished our upstairs guest room.  here is the only before photo i could find when it had carpet.

and after with the wood floors.  sigh.  i really am in love.


the cause.

we are pregnant.  words i never thought i would be announcing because i never, really, thought i was going to have a healthy pregnancy.  but here we are.  entering into our second trimester with an active and healthy little one growing inside me.  there are no words to describe how grateful, how thrilled we are.

of course, the pups are super excited.  my sister-in-law had a great suggestion of getting a baby doll to start practicing.  i will share more of details soon but for now, the husband and i are celebrating today and enjoying every second of this moment.

{12 years}

12 years ago i first met my husband.  12 years seems like such a long time.  and when i look back at those early photos, it really is.

we have had many bumps.  many really, really hard moments.  i will be the first to say that marriage is work.  but it is the best work.  having that person, your person, and getting to spend everyday with them.  it is a blessing.  i am grateful for every single day.  even the hard ones.

i am proud that we can still laugh together.  i am proud of the partner he is to me.  he is my equal.

12 years ago my life changed for the better.  i am so thankful we took a chance on each other.

i am so proud to be his.

{and secretly, i am much more fond of him today than ever before.}

renovation begin.

last night we started the flooring renovation.  each box weighs 60 pounds.  carrying enough square foot for one bedroom wiped us completely out.  and by us, i mean my husband.  from the garage to upstairs, after three boxes the only comment i heard was, “it is going to be a long summer.”

we are starting in our upstairs two guest bedrooms.  we never use the blue one and it was the most empty of furniture, so an easy choice.  basically, we took the little that was in this room and moved it across the hall to our pet sitters room.  yes, she has her own room.  she is apart of our family.  that room will be next.

the wood has to sit inside our home, boxes opened for 7 days to “breathe.”  here is a close of up bamboo flooring.  say goodbye carpet.  your days are numbered.

this is happening.

three pallets of bamboo wood flooring was just delivered.  almost 3000 square feet.  we have been wanting hardwood flooring ever since our last house.  when we decided to sell, we installed beautiful brazilian cherry floors in the kitchen and living area.  we loved it.  then we moved.  our current home has original laminate flooring, about 15 years old.  it wasn’t installed well and it is super loud due to poor underlayment.  in the bedrooms upstairs we have carpet that is again, original and in desperate need of replacing.

we bit the bullet.  the husband is going to do predominately the work himself.  the motivation of real wood flooring is no joke.  we are thrilled.

here is what we picked:

morning star click bamboo – 1/2″ x 5″

it is prefinished solid strand carbonized bamboo and has a 30 year warranty

it is produced from old growth bamboo reeds that are at least 4 years old, thereby increasing hardness. it is indeed real bamboo.  eco-friendly, meaning, since bamboo is a naturally sustainable grass that re-grows spontaneously after harvest, this is an environmentally friendly flooring decision.  easy floating “click together” installation.  carbonized steamed bamboo, caramelizing the sugar within to change its color.  it is “strand bamboo” which means it is twice as hard as oak.   strand bamboo is an optimal choice for homes that have a lot of foot traffic {i.e. ginormous dogs}.

so for foreseeable future, nights and weekends will be spent working on this huge home project.  i can’t wait to share the progress.

first up, carrying the 60 pound each box into the house.


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