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breakfast with a book

why is it so difficult to make breakfast in the morning?  i wake up, hungry, and desperately want to start my day off with healthy decisions, but that box of cereal just looks so easy.  damn you gluten-free honey nut chex.  since tracking my food, i have noticed a trend.  when i eat a really small breakfast, i end up having a SUPER hard time staying within my calorie per day allotment.  when i eat a big breakfast, the rest of the day doesn’t seem that difficult.  this was my morning pep talk to myself today.

so i peeled a carrot.  washed and cut up an apple and an orange.  i whipped up a super green smoothie with both veggies and fruit.  {the vegs will keep me fuller, longer}  i took some photos because the newness of the light box is still there.  i sat down to a healthy, good for me 343 calorie breakfast.

here is a great beginner green smoothie {meaning, all you taste with sweet fruit}

1 cup grapes {recipe called for green, i only had red on hand}

1 medium orange, peeled & halved

1/2 cup fresh pineapple chunks {i used frozen}

1 frozen banana

1 carrot, peeled and halved

2 cups fresh spinach

1 medium apple, quartered & seeded

i am trying different yogurts.  there are not a whole lot of options for full fat or at the least, 2% milk yogurts.  i really like the atlanta fresh co. but they are a bit expensive to eat every day.  i am kinda loving this dreaming cow.  it isn’t greek yogurt {for those of you that can’t stand the greek stuff} and has interesting flavors.  my favorite so far is the maple ginger.  at 141 calories and 5g of healthy dairy fat, i feel good about making this choice.

i am so excited to have met with my book club last night!  we set out books for the next 6 months and i am super excited about our list.  first up, gone girl by gillian flynn.


click for source.

thanks to the kindle, i was able to start this morning with my smoothie breakfast in hand.

pinterest finds friday. sharpie markers on plates and mugs.

i wanted to start a new tradition on this ‘ole blog. weigh in monday will be starting back on, well monday. so i thought the end of the week needed something fun. i am constantly accumulating pinterest projects and recipes i want to try. “pinterest finds friday” seemed like a great way to knock some projects off my fun to do list as well as share with you all what worked and what didn’t.  follow me along on pinterest (over on the right hand side of the my blog) and share some ideas for projects you want me to try and feature.

one of the members of the book club i belong to is gearing up for her big wedding day.  we wanted to throw a surprise shower and i implemented a fun pinterest find for the “shower activity.”

the inspiration was this pinterest find:

click for source.


my idea was to buy inexpensive white plates (hello dollar store!), have each book club member bring lyrics to their favorite love song and during the party write the lyrics on the plates to give to the bride to be. here is what i learned. plain sharpie markers do not work. doesn’t matter if you bake for 30 minutes at 350 degrees. the ink comes right now. epic fail. what does work, OIL BASED sharpies. very big difference. oil based sharpies stay on the plates. i also have used the pebeo porcelaine 150 markers.  i would actually recommend these over the oil based sharpies.  i think they give more color options and have cleaner lines.

here is how my sample plate  turned out.

i used the lyrics from our wedding song, grow old with me by john lennon with the couples monogram in the middle.  i wish i had gotten a picture of the finished plates. our book club ladies knocked this craft out of the park with their creativity.

my craft soul mate and i also used pinterest as inspiration for decorating for the party.

photo booth backdrop. balloons strung together using needle and thread.

tissue paper pom poms throughout the house. very cheap way to add color and fun decor.

no party is complete with out a playlist. our book selection for the month was firefly lane. craft soul mate took all the songs from the book, along with various love songs (it was a wedding shower after all) for all the book club members as party favors.

and then there was food.  our book club always knows how to celebrate with food. the wedding colors were purple so we went with the purple theme.

 i am already searching to see what my next pinterest find friday project will be!

book club at the movies

my book club is so, so great!  we always eat great food.  we always have a blast together.  and most months, the books we read are wonderful!!  the last two months we have been reading the hunger games series.  if you remember from an earlier post, i am a little obsessed with the books.  they are phenomenal.  i can not recommend them enough.  most people, me included, say when i recommend them, “but i am not interested in reading a book about kids killing kids.”  give it a try.  it is about so much more.  it is power struggles.  relationships.  a hero.  resiliency.  
so here is our group, we have added a few members since the last movie outing.  we missed a couple that couldn’t make it.  i am totally biased, but we are a fun group of ladies.

and because sweet abby did not want to be in the picture, something about moving and not being blog-worthy cute, i vowed to do a little write up specifically about her.  abby is our nutritionist of the group, she probably has a more fancy title but basically, nutrition is her profession.  abby, it was beyond encouraging having you compliment me on my weight loss.  from a professional, it means so much.  the encouragement to continue taking my time, not rushing on a “restriction” or “fad” diet, but focusing on nutrition as a tool for weight loss.  it meant so much.

because we are a silly group that all love and support the district uprising, our nod to katniss.

and because it is now fun to do so, a look back at our first book club at the movies.  this was right before our boston trip, my first 30 pounds lost.  i remember loving this picture because i could start to see real changes.  now i am just amazed.  
we are off for a super adventurous weekend.   i can’t wait to share on monday.   look for a homemade “cliff bar” recipe as well!  healthy snacks for road trips.  hope you all have a wonderful weekend.